What Is Coaching?

There are many misconceptions as to what coaching actually means.

You hear the word ‘coaching’ and your mind might automatically go towards thinking about what a sports coach does – watching the player from the sidelines, pointing out what they are doing wrong and then telling them what they need to do to improve to get it right for the next time.

Business and personal coaching with The Power of Words and You is not a place where you talk and I tell you what you need to do differently. I don’t tell you what to do to make the changes in your life happen, as this would lead you to become dependent on other people’s advice when it comes to making choices in your life.  

Real personal growth and understanding of yourself can’t be found there.

Coaching is about you being able to experience an accepting and non-judgmental space, where you can be free to explore all of your thoughts on particular issues, in order to then make the most informed and thought-out decisions moving forward.

It is not my job to provide you with the answers. You already have those; you just haven’t accessed them for yourself yet.

At the base of coaching is the assumption that you are your own person, whole and complete, and if you are wrestling with a problem or decision then ultimately you also have the answer to it inside yourself too. As you are the expert in your own life, there is no way I could have the same understanding as you on the subject you are thinking about.

Therefore, my role as coach is to ‘hold the space’ for you during our sessions and ask incisive questions, which then allows you to dig into issues and thoughts uninterrupted. I actively listen the entire time, and ‘hold up a mirror’ to you regarding the language you are using and the thoughts you are expressing; I am the external reflective element that is missing when you are thinking on your own.

This is the basis and environment in which you can make the real transformative long-lasting and meaningful change that you want to see in your life.