Hello hello! If you are on this page I’m guessing you want to know a little bit more about the person writing these blog posts and why I do it huh?

The basics

  1. My name is Angela
  2. I’m 31
  3. I live in London
  4. I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things
  5. I love pandas and I would love to be surrounded by them all day, they fall over all the time so I feel that we have that in common, kindred spirits if you will.
  6. I love ice-cream too much and I struggle to share it. You have your own tub, and I will have mine, that way we won’t fall out.

The deeper stuff

I have always been fascinated by the power of words and the language we use. I have a Masters in Human Rights and Genocide Studies (yeah, I know, genocide is a pretty intense and dark subject), and I think my huge interest in the subject is how language is used to turn entire societies inwards on themselves. Words have the power to manipulate and destroy. They can tear families and friends apart and can cause rifts that last a lifetime across generations.

I want to concentrate on how the power of words can have the opposite effect and as much as at one end of the scale it can cause death and destruction at the other it can bring hope, unity and good into the world.

On a smaller scale (to start with) this is what I want to do through my blog. I want to help bring positive thoughts, words and mindsets into the world. For us to understand the real power of our words and thoughts and how it affects our actions, I want what I post to cause self-reflection and discussion about how and why we do what we do, particularly in how we talk to ourselves and to others, and when that can be holding us back or release us into realising our true individual potential in life.

‘When you throw a pebble into a lake it doesn’t change everything, but it does create ripples of change outwards from itself’

I am a pebble. I hope that from reading one or all my posts that I will inspire you to become a pebble too.


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