Working with Angela for six months has been exactly what I needed as I start my own business. As someone who has big ambitions but also can be incredibly hard on myself, I knew I needed the support of a coach to help me navigate the tricky, up and down (emotional) waters of starting a business as it is important for me to reach success but not at a sacrifice to my health, relationships, mental wellbeing etc.

Angela has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and has a great ability to question your assumptions which really made me reassess how I spoke to myself and looked at certain areas of my life. Her listening skills are incredible. For me this has really helped push me forward, and by the end of the six months I was in a place where the business was moving forward but I now had a sense of calm and balance about me which I didn’t have before!

I also loved the mix of activities we did during the sessions, to really get me thinking and they worked well for my style.

As a result of coaching, I feel that I am able to grow a successful business with joy, calmness, and whilst still doing the everyday things I love, and not losing my cool! By looking at my language and mindset around “work” and “business” and “balance”, I know feel I am able to have it all!

I can’t recommend Angela highly enough – as a life coach myself, I can tell the difference between a good and bad coach and I know Angela is excellent! I will definitely be working with Angela again in the future!