31st July 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Prepare Your To-Do List The Night Before

The day has turned to night and you’re looking forward to crawling into bed and getting some much needed shut-eye. It’s been another long day and once you lay your head on your pillow you’re not sure if you have the energy to lift your book anywhere near your face to read it.

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28th June 2020

What Have You Achieved Whilst in Lockdown?

By some people’s standards you would think we should all be coming out of this pandemic with the ability to speak five new languages fluently, super fit from completing workouts in the living room every day, and knowing how to juggle six balls whilst walking on a tight rope and spinning plates off of our chins.

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14th June 2020

How To Manage Your Space Effectively During Lockdown

Your kitchen table used to be a place where you'd sit for half an hour to have your breakfast, and same again in the evening to eat dinner. Then three months ago it also suddenly became your office desk, your children’s school location, where you take your hour lunch break, and where you sit to do the weekly zoom quiz with colleagues or friends.

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22nd May 2020

Inspiration Hidden in Plain Sight

This morning I woke up, rolled out of bed and stuck a picture of the world famous basketball player Michael Jordan up in my room.

Now, you could be forgiven for assuming that with the lockdown going into its 15,006 day (or at least that's what it feels like) that its all got too much for me, and as a result I've regressed back to when I was fourteen years old.

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2nd October 2019

When Motivation Isn’t Motivating Enough

'It's a new week which means a fresh start and a brand new me!'

On Sunday you found yourself sitting on the sofa unhappy with the way an area of your life is going and decided something different has to happen.

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3rd September 2019

Who’s In Your Circle?

Jim Rohn was the motivational speaker who shared the following piece of advice;

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

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12th August 2019

Your Phone Called, It Wants A Trial Separation…And It’s Keeping Custody Of The Apps!

If our phones were able to talk and we sat them down in a room, I'm pretty sure this would be some of the things they would say.....

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11th July 2019

We See What We Want To See

You’ve finally made the decision that you’re going to buy a new car, and have decided on the make and model of the one you’re going to purchase. But you can’t decide on the colour; you’re leaning toward the red as it’s your favourite colour, but you also like the white.

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22nd June 2019

I Should vs I Could

How many times a week do you find yourself saying to yourself, or others, the words ‘I should….’?

  • I should feel happy about this…
  • I should eat more healthily…
  • I should have moved on by now…
  • I should apply for that job…

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4th May 2019

F.A.I.L = First Attempt In Learning

What does 'failing' at something mean to you?

Why does that word seem to scare us all so much? What are we afraid of exactly?

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10th April 2019

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

'Nope. I can't do it. I listened to everything that you said, I still tried, but it didn't work. I knew it wouldn't work. I knew I wouldn't be able to do it' *whilst crossing arms as if to say 'I told you so'*

Does that sound like you? Have you ever heard yourself say that, either to yourself or out loud to someone else?

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17th March 2019

Why Sleep Is Vital For Keeping Your Emotions In Check

If you live to the ripe old age of ninety years old, then thirty years of your time on earth will be spent asleep (based on the recommended eight hours of sleep you should get a night).

Thirty years!

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16th March 2019

There’s No Point Crying Over Spilt Coffee

*WARNING* - This blog post contains an image that coffee lovers may find distressing. Please view with caution.

This was the aftermath of the scene of devastation I unintentionally created in the kitchen this morning...

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5th February 2019

When Your Emotions Take The Driving Seat And Go For A Joyride

Last night I was in a bad mood.



I was in a really foul mood...
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2nd January 2019

Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Last

In January there will be a topic of conversation on a lot of people's lips - New Year's resolutions. It's highly likely you'll catch either yourself, or someone you know, saying the following:

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5th December 2018

Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

If someone asked the question...

'What can ants teach us about ourselves?'

....it might take a while to come up with any kind of an answer.

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3rd November 2018

What If You Stopped Saying ‘What If’?

'What if I go for something and I don't get it?'

'What if I spend all of my hours trying to make this work and it doesn't go as planned?'

'What if I'd gone travelling like I'd said I wanted to.....?'

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10th October 2018

You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, Or So The Saying Goes….

Ever thought about wanting to throw in the towel at your current job?

Does your mind constantly wander off as you think about pursuing something you've always wanted to do?

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5th September 2018

I Wish I Could, But I Just Don’t Have The Time…

How often do you hear yourself say: 'I wish I could but I just don't have the time'....?

Or how about: 'I would do that...but I would need an extra five hours in my day'...?

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18th August 2018

Are You A Sprinter Or A Long Distance Runner?

I love sports, and when I was growing up it was one of my favourite things to do. When summer came around and it was athletics season I relished getting onto the field, and I particularly loved sprint racing.

I wasn't the fastest in the year, but up there in the top few. I liked the thrill, the adrenaline, the pure speed and power.

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6th July 2018

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

When we were asked as small children what we'd like to be when we grew up we would come up with every answer under the sun:

  • Vet
  • Astronaut
  • Breed fire-breathing dragons
  • Become a dog

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9th June 2018

‘Now For The Six O’Clock News…Are You Ready?’

'Good evening everyone, thank-you for joining us and welcome to the six o'clock news. Here are the main headlines.'

*tap papers on the desk*

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14th May 2018

The Bin And The Banana Skin: A Story About The Problem Of Trying To Change Habits

When I was first training to be a Business & Personal Coach we were told the following story during one of our seminars by one of the guest speakers, which I like to call The Bin and The Banana Skin:

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10th March 2018

What Have You Chosen To Learn Today?

When you read about a workshop that offers to help you build your skills around the principles of good leadership what images come to mind?

Personally I always think about someone in a power suit stood at the front of a small seminar room, rattling off from a boring power presentation.

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12th February 2018

Dig Out Your Superhero Underwear And Let’s Dance!

Have you ever noticed when you walk past a school that the world shifts from calm and quiet to hearing a tidal wave of pure energy, noise, and excitement flooding your ears when children are out in the playground on their break time?

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16th January 2018

When The House of Cards Falls Down

There was a post I saw on Instagram recently that made me laugh, mostly because it was pretty true and rather accurate;

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18th December 2017

You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All

One morning at the beginning of the the year I was making my way to the underground station to go to work.

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2nd December 2017

The Struggle To Meet Deadlines

Love them or hate them but deadlines really are one of the best tools at your disposal.

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8th November 2017

I’ll Stop Saying I Will Do It Tomorrow, Tomorrow

How often do you find yourself saying 'I will do it tomorrow'...?

You know today was yesterday's tomorrow right?

Tomorrow is not a day yet to come, it's a day that's here everyday.

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26th October 2017

Slow Down! You’re Missing The World

How often do you get to the end of the day, sit down and look back on it and feel like it's all passed you by in one big blur?

In any one day it seems like there are endless tasks and projects to do and not enough time to get it all done.

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15th October 2017

Remember, Don’t Try To Eat The Elephant All At Once…

So you've made that life changing decision. You hand your notice in at work, spend the next four weeks of your life sat at your desk excited to be on the precipice of a new beginning. You have a farewell party with colleagues, you have plans....big plans....and then....

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24th September 2017

When Self Doubt Ruins The Party…

I didn't for a second doubt that I've made the right choice to wave goodbye to full-time employment. Not for a moment.

But I did have moments where I sat and questioned myself, and that's when the lovely feeling of Self Doubt popped in to say hello.

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2nd September 2017

Part II: How Long Are You Going To Do This For?

'How long are you going to do this for?'

This was the second of two very interesting questions I was asked by my friend one evening back in July just after leaving my job, with the first one being 'Part I: So How’s Unemployment Treating You?'

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23rd August 2017

Part I: So How’s Unemployment Treating You?

'So how's unemployment treating you?'

This was one of two questions that a friend asked me a couple of weeks after I left my full-time job back in July to pursue my other goals. (The other question I will write about in my next post).

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