I met Angela and her positive attitude made me want to work with her. Before our first session any slight reservations about coaching I may have had were quickly dispelled through her professionalism before, during and throughout our time working together.

I liked being challenged through Angela’s reflective practice, and she gave me the time and space to realise inner strengths I had overlooked and also how I could access opportunities I thought were out of reach before I started the sessions, and her methods helped me focus my ideas into realistic goals. Through working together, I have been able visualise the career path I would like to take in accordance with my values, and Angela’s coaching has given me additional self-belief as well as better understanding of my own skills and attributes which I can apply throughout my life and career development. She went to great lengths to tailor our coaching sessions towards my learning style and I always looked forward to our meetings as she has such an easy-to-get-along-with personality and I took something away from each session.

Angela is a very effective coach, she helped me reflect on my past experience and use my knowledge, strengths, skills to structure realistic and attainable goals. I have explored some life changing decisions such as living and working abroad. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Angela again in the future.