This morning I woke up, rolled out of bed and stuck a picture of the world famous basketball player Michael Jordan up in my room.

Now, you could be forgiven for assuming that with the lockdown going into its 15,396 day (or at least that's what it feels like) that its all got too much for me, and as a result I've regressed back to when I was fourteen years old and covering every inch of my walls with pictures of hunky men from boy bands and sports teams.

But no, I'm not fourteen. I'm a woman in her thirties who printed out this picture, carefully cut around it and put it up on my whiteboard above my desk.

Have I suddenly become a fan of basketball and the Chicago Bulls?


Am I massive fan and collector of his trainers?


Did I watch Space Jam last night and now I have an urge to recapture my youth of the 90's?

No. I have to admit I've never seen it! (Yeah yeah, don't judge me. I know it's a classic but as a kid I was too busy watching Ghostbusters for the fifteengazillionth time).

So why on earth then, on the 22th May 2020, is Michael Jordan now proudly adorning my office area? Yep, even Jeff Goldblum is at a loss...

Well, over the last month MJ has become one of the most inspirational famous people I've come to learn about thanks to a Netflix docuseries focusing on his basketball career (in which he was the driving force behind the Chicago Bulls winning six championships). Of course I knew he was one of the all-time great basketball players but had never followed him or the sport. As the series started it dawned on me that his inspiration had been hiding in plain sight from me all these years. I've watched each episode whilst in awe at his mental strength, his leadership, how he applied himself, continually pushed himself ridiculously hard and pushed those around him, never gave up, had overcome adversity and, ultimately, danced to the beat of his own drum the entire time by doing things he wanted to do the way he wanted to do them.

All of this spoke to my soul. He epitomizes all of the work ethic that I want and aspire to have as I continue to build my business. But more importantly, he embodies my core value of 'doing this life they way you want to do it'. Simply put, his values, characteristics, and behaviours resonated and inspired me. Some of them I have in differing measures. Others I don't have but I really want.

Yet, for all of us, going from 'aspiring and wanting' and translating that into 'having' takes work and conscious effort, but introducing simple little mechanisms into your daily life to facilitate this process of change can make a big and positive impact over time.

One way you can do that is by utilising the power of a daily visual/reminder/representation of a person or place that inspires you. Why? Because life moves fast and thoughts get forgotten and crowded out with other thoughts and commitments. For example, although I've been moved into action by watching the documentary this week, by next week it could be all too easy to forget the impact it's had when I shift my focus of attention to something else. Therefore, finding a way to keep that inspiration at the front of the mind and visible is an important action to take.

Along with other people in my life I can think of and look to for motivation, he's the most recent addition to a group that unknowingly kicks me up the backside to get moving (and to keep moving) when I lack the energy and oomph to do it myself.

That's why Michael's there above my desk, slam dunking whilst I type this.

Why Am I Sharing This With You?

Being a human being means we're complex by nature; we say we're motivated to do something...then it simply doesn't get done. We have a great idea...but then it never comes to fruition. We start to make a change in our habits...then within a few days or weeks we find ourselves going back to our old behaviours. We have constant battles going on within our minds and can become easily frustrated with ourselves as a result of the disconnect that can frequently occur between what we say we want and the physical actions and decisions we take. We come up with reasons or/and excuses and hold ourselves back through our past experiences and limiting beliefs of what we think we're capable of achieving. Stepping outside of our comfort zone can fill us with fear, and all of this plays into how much we can internally drive ourselves forward to achieve what we want.

For the majority of us, relying on purely our own internal energy and habits at all times to get something started or completed can put us in a cyclic pattern of starting and stopping as we consciously (or subconsciously) listen to our internal chatter. Subsequently, we often don't turn our ideas to action, or when we do we fail to get it over the finish line' Or even worse, don't get it anywhere near the finish line in the first place and give up.

Therefore, it can be a useful tool on those days when we're low on energy and motivation to look outward to those around us who we're inspired by - this can be your nearest and dearest, friends, members of your community, colleagues or famous people. It can be anybody you know of who embodies the values you want in order to lead a fulfilled/successful/happy life. They can help drive us and have the ability to put a bit of fuel in our tank when we feel we don't have much left at that specific moment, or when we're tempted to be lazy and choose the easy way out to avoid doing something.

People with inspirational qualities by their very essence inspire and energise us, either for the catalytic moment we need or for longer periods of sustained time. They remind us that they have made the necessary changes and achieved, and so can we.

I think it's all making sense to Jeff now....

Questions To Ask Yourself

If you feel that a bit of external inspiration could help energise you and keep you on track with your plans, why not write down the answers to the following questions:

  1. Who inspires you?
  2. Who motivates you?
  3. What is it about them that inspires/motivates you?
  4. What do you value in the them?
  5. How can you translate those into your own thoughts, your actions, and your day?
  6. How can you keep these individuals in plain sight so that you don't have to search for them when they're needed? (for example, a photo of them, a physical object that represents something about them, a quote or saying they are renowned for using, a song that reminds you of them)
  7. Where can you place these reminders to help trigger your positive mindset and energy?
  8. Now take what you've written down and act on it.

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