I was recommended to give Angela’s sessions a try after I had hit a bit of a brick wall in life. My work life felt like it wasn’t going anywhere and I felt I was underachieving and struggling to move forward.

I liked the structure of the sessions as she mapped them out in a way which was clear, manageable and easy to understand. I also liked how she challenged me on my thought process in a way which no one else had done before. I was opened up to ideas which helped me to understand certain attitudes and behaviours I held, and now I feel like my thoughts make more sense and I’m more in control over all aspects of my life. I have a clearer vision of what I want to achieve in life, a greater thirst to accomplish my ambitions, and I feel more confident. I’ve also learned to adapt my language and thinking which was negatively impacting my feeling of self-worth.

Angela is a super receptive and was able to show a great understanding of my situation when we were beginning our sessions. I felt more than comfortable opening up to her which is massively key to making progress. She also sets tasks for you to do in order to help with your own progress outside of the session which enabled me to keep the momentum going and to ensure that my learning wasn’t limited to the hour and a half window we had together.

My coaching sessions with Angela have been a mini revelation - almost like having a long overdue self MOT. I certainly have come out of it with a new and improved mind-set and I’ve taken my learnings and put them into practise. I have travelled for the first time in six years, have a new a job and have reconnected with old friends. This 110% would not have happened without Angela’s help.

You will only start to see change if you decide to do something about it and deciding to take the step to talk to Angela was the best decision I could have made.