After a few sessions it became clear that rather than getting general guidance around what I wanted to focus on, the sessions where really helpful in talking through the approach I took to my goals and life in general, and the positive and negative impacts that had on me progressing to where I wanted to get to. It was really helpful to be able to just talk through my ambitions and way of working with some guidance and not having to hold back at all, which is definitely a result of the comfortable environment that Angela sets up and her open approach to her work.

Before the coaching sessions I was feeling quite stressed, under a lot of pressure and feeling like I lacked direction. Through my sessions with Angela I learnt so much about myself, how I approach life, set goals and how to manage all of these areas of my life in a positive way. I feel so much more motivated to strive forward and take on new challenges.

If you are thinking of using Angela as a coach – then definitely do! She creates a great open, comfortable environment and delivers coaching in a way that works for so many different learning styles – whether you are visual, prefer writing or like moving – and regardless of what you want to focus on you will definitely benefit from coaching.