My Story

Don’t live with those big ‘what ifs’ and regrets hanging over you!

It’s a phrase that I’ve held onto tightly over the years and always have in the back of my mind. It’s a phrase I try to live by.

But during my career I noticed that I’d started to build up a small but growing list of my own ‘what ifs’. As time was ticking by I felt the big ambitions and goals in my life that I’d planned to achieve were slipping away from me. It was happening so slowly that I hadn’t even noticed it at first.

I had a good job, worked with great people and managed a wonderful team, but I felt like something was missing. I was trying to squeeze all of me and my personality into a box that had been made by someone else’s expectations.

I wasn’t fulfilled in my role and I couldn’t shift the feeling that I lacked energy and excitement. I felt stuck and I didn’t really know what to do next to change it. The person I was years earlier, who’d chosen the career path I was on course to continue for years to come, had grown and changed and so had my interests.

As I sat at my desk I felt as if I was now just going through the motions, travelling in a direction that no longer fitted with who I was anymore.

So I quit my full-time job to pursue what I actually wanted to do; to build my own business in supporting others in a creative and fun way, which gives me freedom to travel around the world and shape my work and my life the way I want to do it!

But leaving my job wasn’t an overnight decision. It took a huge amount of self-reflection to make such a big change. Part of this process was about paying attention to the language I was saying to myself, and how this was directly influencing my mindset. Were the words I was using pushing me forward? Or were they holding me back in fear and preventing me from taking my first steps in a new direction?

I’m telling you my story to give you a brief insight into my own journey, and also to show why I’m so driven to understand and harness the power of our words.

My fascination with language and its correlation to actions was originally ignited years ago when I was studying for my Masters degree in Human Rights and Genocide Studies, and seeing how language is always at the epicenter of societies turning in on themselves. The use of negative and oppressive language appears on such a seemingly insignificant level in the beginning stages that it’s easy to miss the masses of power it’s building up and storing for later down the line.

I came to realise that this process occurs constantly on a smaller, individual level when we’re talking to ourselves. Through the limiting beliefs and words that we slowly build up and use over time, we often sabotage our own lives by putting up barriers that stop us achieving what we want and reaching our potential.

My skills, experiences and interests have led me to supporting people in unlocking how to be the best versions of themselves; to become who they really want to be, and to achieve what they really desire. I believe it’s vital to provide this extra focus and support around the use of language and words in order to help reach those goals.

It’s a real privilege to have a front row seat on my client’s journeys of self-reflection and personal development, and to get to work together in exploring all of the possible opportunities and paths that lie ahead.

I’m at my best here.

That’s why I do what I do.

That’s why I’m a coach (and why I’m damn good at it too!)