Why The Power Of Words & You

At The Power of Words (POW) and You, a key focus area is the language we use in our everyday lives.

Words hold immense power. They help us to form and express our thoughts and feelings and they precede and influence all decisions and actions that we take.

When used negatively, language the has power to damage and destroy. Around the world we constantly see how this tears friends, families, and even countries apart, and cause rifts that last for generations.

My interests and focus lies in looking at the other end of the spectrum; in how the power of words can have a constructive effect when nurtured carefully by bringing positivity, optimism and progress.

This is where my POW coaching, talks, training and workshops play their part.

I work alongside those people who want to make real change and difference in their lives, by creating safe spaces for individuals and groups alike to reflect. I combine this with looking at the importance and impact that the use of both positive and negative words, phrases, and mindsets can have as we make our own way in the world and leave our mark on it.

By understanding and harnessing the real power of our language and the way it affects how we think about ourselves and how we relate to others and the world around us, we can objectively see what’s holding us back and what needs to be done to move forward.

Angela Gault – Founder & Coach @The Power of Words and You