POW Talks

As an experienced public speaker, I can deliver motivational and thought-provoking talks focused on the power of words (POW) and the language we use every day.

Through using simplified neuroscience and psychology to explain influencing factors in how we communicate with ourselves and others, these POW talks are designed to act as catalysts to inspire audiences to analyse their own behavioural patterns. By encouraging this deep self-reflection, listeners can start to look at how they can improve their personal habits and how to better understand those around them, through having a greater sense of self-awareness and knowledge of the power their words and actions hold.

Talks can be tailored to suit any of the following settings:

  • One off events & workshops

  • Well-being retreats

  • Business events

  • Schools

  • Internal meetings and events within organisations

  • Training & team building days

*This is not an exhaustive list, so if you would like me to speak at an event you’re holding and it’s not listed in any of the categories above, please do reach out to me.

Next Steps:

If you would like to discuss any of the above options and how a POW Talk can be specifically tailored for your event or organization, and to discuss speaking engagement fees, please fill out the enquiry form in as much detail as possible. I will be in contact with you shortly after this has been submitted.