POW Training and Workshops

Through the Power of Words (POW) training and workshops, I deliver a bespoke service tailored to the needs and requirements of your organisation and teams.

By using a unique and creative engagement process, the sessions aim to fully immerse employees in the practise of recognizing and analysing the impact of negative and positive language and communication within the workplace, and how to build in a positive coaching approach to their daily work. The end result of these sessions is to kick start the process of embedding this new awareness and working style into the organisation as a means of improving productivity, working culture, relationships, and team dynamics.

These sessions are ideal for team away days or management training days.

What are the key elements of POW training?

Predominantly delivered to leadership teams, HR, senior and mid-level management, it provides them with skills they can use to understand and manage their teams more effectively.

These days generally consist of a mix of the following elements:

  • Understanding basic neuroscience and how it relates to the working environment

  • Looking into the power of words and language we use

  • The importance of coaching psychology within management

  • Understanding the difference between transactional and transformational coaching

  • Coaching techniques and basic skills to use with teams

  • Role-play scenarios to implement learning

What are the key elements of POW workshops?

POW workshops are best delivered to entire teams, or groups of employees.

This workshop will include certain elements of POW training, but with a focus on deeper understanding of team dynamics, interspersed with team-building exercises:

  • Power of words and language

  • Basic neuroscience and how it relates to the working environment

  • Coaching psychology

  • Coaching techniques and basic skills

  • Learning styles

  • Personality types

  • Team building exercises

How long do the sessions last?

Both the training sessions and the workshops can each be delivered within half a day, a full day, or across two days. This is dependent on the number and depth of topics that you would like the session(s) to be focused on.

Packages & Prices:

Please contact me either by clicking on the button below or by visiting the contact page to discuss pricing and daily rates around your specific requirements. Charities & nonprofit organisations will receive a discounted rate.

Travel expenses and time spent travelling (plus accommodation costs if required) will also be applied on top of agreed fees.

Next steps:

If you would like to discuss further any of the above options and how they can be specifically tailored for your organisation then please click on the relevant enquiry button above and fill out the enquiry form, providing as much detail as possible about your requirements. Once this has been submitted I will contact you soon after.