Even though I had done some research I wasn't sure what the coaching process would be like and how I would feel about it. But from the very start Angela put me at ease. I thought the initial consultation of talking through what coaching entailed and the part about Angela wanting to be sure I was the right fit for her, as well as her being the right fit for me, was a nice touch. I really like that the sessions were led on what I wanted to talk about that week and how I felt about the previous session.

Before I decided to take up personal coaching I had an idea of what may be next for me, but I had not figured out how to navigate to get there but thanks to Angela, after each session, I felt empowered and like I had the right tools to move forward. She made me feel comfortable in all our sessions. I found her very easy to talk to, and you could tell she was listening to what was being said, flagging when I said certain words/phrases or used particular language. Additionally, this was all via video call due to COVID-19 and honestly, even with tasks during the sessions, I felt like I had 100% commitment.

I would most definitely recommend Angela for personal coaching. I have come away from this with the tools I need to move forward, and overall a better understanding of who I want to be and how to work on getting there, and would 100% recommend anyone who feels stuck, or just wants someone to help focus them, to POW coaching.

Thank-you again Angela, for all your help.