When I came to coaching it was during a mid-life career change and I had many doubts about how I wanted to do it. I was not entirely sure what I should focus on and generally wasn’t quite convinced if it was a good idea.  As a result of the sessions I have quickly become excited about it all, fully appreciating and enjoying the new opportunities which are arising.

I have gained a great amount of knowledge about myself and my goals. I’ve learnt what to do to achieve them and I’ve also become more aware of possible consequences of not acting upon them. I can say that I am far more confident, focused and determined to achieve what I want. It was always easy to talk to Angela, and although frequently challenged, I always felt supported, and due to her outgoing personality the sessions were fun.

It was an exciting journey of self-discovery and goal setting which led me to greater clarity, confidence and, as a result, actions. I would definitely recommend Angela’s services to anyone who would like to improve their career and look at it from a different perspective.