The journey with Angela through coaching has been a delightful experience of self-discovery and clarity. I was in a place where I was lost, de-motivated, tired, overwhelmed, stressed and I simply needed to reset and start living my life from a fresh pair of eyes.

Opening up to someone completely can be tricky, even for someone as open as me, yet from the start and progressing through each session, there was an atmosphere of being in a peaceful sanctuary. I felt there was mutual trust, never a judgement placed, and a common goal to receive something positive from the session. Angela is empathetic, compassionate and positive and has a brilliant agility to work with whatever you throw at her. I’m heavily visual and there were some exercises we did which really enabled me to find clarity with certain issues. The coaching allowed me to explore my personal thoughts (which I had hardly shared with my close ones) with someone who I had just met in a completely comfortable and professional environment.

After working with Angela on my insecurities and self-confidence issues I had started to believe in myself. Social situations, were no longer as stressful and my work life became more balanced. I felt I was content and at peace by the end of it.