I sought coaching after recognising I was unhappy in my work situation but not sure the best way forward. I thought that coaching would provide me with the answers but after my first session with Angela I realised it was more about providing me with the tools to look at the problems I was facing, break them down and systematically work through the issues. Angela gave me the opportunity to verbalise the issues I was facing, challenging my perspective when necessary.

Overall, coaching has helped me to assess the direction my career is going in, improved my confidence within my job and helped me to recognise what I have achieved. As a result, I feel my performance at work is better and I have been able to prioritise my commitments. I am so grateful to Angela for the time she spent with me. Her positivity is infectious and I would leave our sessions refreshed with clear goals for the weeks ahead. I felt her professionalism made it so easy to open up and be honest about my feelings and shortcomings. I was initially quite self-conscious about the process but she quickly put me at ease and made the process so comfortable.

I recommend Angela and her service to anyone who is stuck in an aspect of their life and needs a fresh perspective. I feel that the process has helped me so much and I have been able to approach my work with renewed vigour as a result.