I wanted to be intentional with my development and reflect on how to build new habits and clarity, particular in forming the career I want so decided to try coaching. With having to explore a depth of stuff and how it’s all connects I was concerned sessions would be overwhelming but Angela really listened to what I wanted to get out of it.

My biggest learning was my role my own narrative has in my everyday actions. Being fulfilled isn’t always big leaps, it can be tiny step and small changes in how you see yourself. Working with Angela, has helped me feel reassured in myself. The coaching has helped give me a clearer idea of where to put my energy and time and recognise that I have a lot more control than I thought. She is great at keeping you accountable in a way that is supportive as well as stretching you.

If you are wanting to invest in yourself and address some of the things that might be getting in your own way of your development do it, coaching with Angela feels proactive and encouraging.