Bilal – Speaker and Facilitator Manager

I was intrigued at getting external support with planning my personal career goals as I have been my own biggest barrier to achieving them, and the style of Angela’s sessions being so led by me and flexible made it something I looked forward to. I liked the ‘homework’ as it made sure you were doing actions in between so it wasn’t just something that happened for a couple of hours every two weeks.

I learnt a lot about my own negative behaviours and after coaching I feel like I have much more of a rounded understanding of what I want to achieve and what I need to stop doing in order to get there, and now I have a clear vision for the path ahead. Since coaching with Angela, my brain now does those checks before making decisions where I know that what I’m saying or doing is something that we spoke about in coaching.

Angela was amazing! Her flexibility to adapt sessions to be visual, probe further for information to make me think more without coming across as forceful or didactic was really beneficial. If anyone is ever thinking of doing coaching, I’d say definitely give it a go, you’ll see the benefits of working with Angela as your coach in no time!